Monday, July 02, 2007

You know you're an econ geek if...

Okay, so the lease was up on my car and thus I had to get a new one. (Okay, technically the "had to" part is questionable, since I live in Cambridge, but whatever.) I am a very loyal Volkswagen consumer, so I was very happy to see that they had a new model that I was interested in:

(If you are curious, it is a VW Eos, and it's AWESOME. This should also partially pacify those of you that emailed me to point out that my picture isn't showing up- I'm glad you focus on the important things. =P The photo is hosted on the HBS server, which is currently experiencing some downtime.)

Enough about the car, since that isn't really the point. The point is that I saw the following poster in the sales office and I really really want a copy to put in my office.

Maybe if I locate a copy I can get George Akerlof to sign it.


Mohamed said...
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Mohamed said...

Oops. I laughed (actually laughed my head off in the middle of the office).
Mind if i like to your post?

Jodi said...

I assume you meant link, not like...if that is the case, link away :)

Mohamed said...

Proper assumption indeed. I need to keep an eye on my ortografee :)
Cheers, Mo.