Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Blog Updates

Hi all,

So I have made a few changes to the blog. I don't remember all of them, but here are the highlights:

1. New title- suggested by a friend who is cooler than I am, so I figured I should take his advice
2. Anonymous comments now allowed
3. Ping sending now enabled

Happy reading!



Angad said...

Your friend is definately not cool if he suggested the above name.

It seems from the comments that you have so far managed to garner two patrons for certain: Charles and me. Since we live in a evolutionary society it is quite obvious that both of us are males competing for the ELITE female owner of this blog. (even though we both might have seriously miscalculated the odds of getting anywhere but thats okay.) If people knew the odds of everything life will be depressingly boring.

There is a serious concern here. It could be that some other ivy-educated male specimen has already won this evolutaionary lottery.
Or there could be other male agents with better odds competing through forms where they get into daily contact with you. In my calculations those agents seem to be mostly mit-harvard-educated bozos who are ofcourse no match to me.

However, Charles seems to be quite formidable with his rather superbly-strategic posts. Now I wouldn't mind competing with him, but unfortunately, I have to withdraw from this contest.

As the summer session is starting at my rather dismally ranked school and the grim odds of winning this lottery I had to make this rather tough but rational decision. To enhance my future marketability to the more intelligent, curvaceous, and luscious form of the female species I will need to focus on acquiring some more senseless jargon to fool them of my intellectual superiority. I shall demonstrate the above by a rather common (but still useful) trick taught in universities which thankfully I have learnt well.

I intend to confuse them through magical illusion of proof that the discounted value of selecting me as a "mate" is probably much higher than any other agent she might meet.

Since my plans are so perfect and clear, I need to unfortunately stop coming on this blog and focus more on other foolish-intellectual pursuits which might be more beneficial monetarily.

So I bid my adios for a few months.
Good luck with your blog and hopefully you will be able to garner the loyalty of more patrons.

Mohamed said...

Hmm, I think I kinda preferred the old name, though..
In any event, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

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