Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why I *Heart* Honest Tea...

Most people that know me know that I like dorky econ jokes. I think I also like products that feature dorky econ jokes on their labels. Behold the label from my beverage of choice:

I swear that this was not on purpose- this label is from Honest Tea's Green Dragon Tea, which is a lightly sweetened green tea with passion fruit flavor, and I picked it up without examining the text on the label. (The label is different on other flavors.) I do, however, appreciate the sugar optimization analogy, though the more picky among you will notice that their optimal point is technically not quite at the top of the curve. Maybe their sugar choice is the result of some sort of cost-benefit analysis that is not fully shown here. :) (Sugar isn't free, after all...)

If you are curious, the Barry of Seth and Barry is Barry Nalebuff, a professor at the Yale School of Management, and Seth was one of his MBA students.


Dan said...

When did economists begin to appropriate all use of mathematics in the real world as economics?

Mr Max Higgins said...

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